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Massage - Yoga - Nutrition
221 E. Center Dr - Alton, IL 62002


4:30-5:45pm - Mantras, Mudras & Meditation

Sunday, September 30 2018 7:00 AM - 7:00 AM
221 E. Center Dr. Alton, IL 62002

Think of a MANTRA as an “instrument of sound.” Think of a MUDRA as “yoga for your hands.” In this workshop, we will explore the seven main Chakras and the mantras and mudras that correspond with each. Chakras, being vortexes of energy that both radiate and receive, are powerful tools for self-regulation and wellness. Come explore this ancient system of practice that can positively affect our emotions, physical health and mental clarity. Workshop ends with a 15 minute meditation accompanied by a Chinese wind gong. Sign up at

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Danette Watt